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LifeSong Counseling Center was developed in 2010, in the hopes to help other sojourners of healing, turn sorrow into song. In fact, the name of our practice was an intentional focus on should be "how every clinicians mission is to help comfort and guide clients, as we ourselves have felt God comfort and guide us through troubled times.

The hummingbird logo signifies the carried and timeless hope for love, joy and celebration. The hummingbird reminds us that our past, present and future are all part of the journey.

LifeSong is made up of Licensed Professional Counselors, Professional Marriage and Family Therapists, Licensed Associates and Interns from local graduate programs. LifeSongs' team strives to work "as a system for the system". We value the expertise of each of our therapists and recognize we are all gifted uniquely. To assist our various clientele to move toward greater healing we often suggest meeting with a team of therapists (ie. primary therapist, group therapy, couples therapist) to assist from multiple angles. We see the human being to be primarily influenced by four systems: their community of family and friends, their own sense of self, their physiological system and their connection with the spiritual.

We take into account the social engagement our clients have with their family and community; fostering secure and safe attachments for healthy connectedness. In our world today, where the fine art of face to face relating has been replaced by technology, we want to help you engage without insecurities and with a greater sense of authentic connectedness.

We work extensively with the intrapersonal system of the individual. We each have roles and parts that make up the whole of who we are. Some of these parts have been developed out of trauma, abuse, or neglect as a survival strategy and may no longer be necessary to one's day to day life. We desire to help people live into their capabilities with congruence, self-appreciation and integrity.

We take into account the brain-body network of the client to help maintain a relaxed and flexible brain that is able to access the various functions for everyday living and for resiliency toward stressful times.

We also pay attention to that which is unseen and yet an integral part of all humans, our individual relationship and connection to a Higher Power greater than ourselves. This soul development has the power to either foster grace and self compassion or hinder one into a spiral of shame.

Ultimately, at LifeSong we desire to pay attention and assist in greater harmony between all parts/systems. We desire to join with you, to alleviate the worst of all human conditions, aloneness. We value the opportunity to help you turn your sorrows into song.




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