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LifeSong is a Christian counseling center devoted to walking alongside our clients as they seek to improve relationships not only with themselves and others, but also with God. While we see clients from a vast array of spiritual backgrounds, one of the things that makes LifeSong unique is our willingness to focus on how our attachment to God shapes our journey toward discovering the authentic self.

At LifeSong we believe that God is the ultimate Healer and Counselor. As clients tell their stories, clinicians help them grieve the difficult realities of this broken world, while also helping them discover the deep love of a redemptive God. We long for each individual to view God in a restorative way, believing that God can make all things new within their own lives as well as within their relationships.

While we do not insist that each of our clients go on a journey toward spiritual integration, we do believe that every person is a triad, an integration of body, mind, and spirit. We also believe that in order to achieve intrapersonal growth, we must attend to the needs of each of these distinct but related parts.

At LifeSong, we have experience walking alongside those who have endured hurt at the hands of church, ministry or those who claim to speak on behalf of God. Our clinicians create a safe, judgment-free space for individuals to process and work through traumas experienced in the Christian world.

Such spiritual issues may include:

  • Pastoral burnout
  • Missionary care
  • Spiritual/Church abuse
  • Estrangement from God

At the end of the day, we firmly believe that God is interested in healing and relating to the whole person body, mind and spirit. This is why we at LifeSong approach spiritual integration from a non-judgmental supportive stance, listening to the client's perspective. Through this spiritually integrated process we hope to help each person pursue their exact needs by drawing closer to a loving God that can
meet them in those needs.


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